Home Improvement Contest - Bunnings Hardware, Australia VS Karmah, Japan

Customer Service:

  • Bunnings - Have staff talk among themselves at the end of the isles and wait for the customer to come to them. 
  • Kahma - Place Red customer button alarms at the end of each section for the customer to get the staff to come to them for some help.
  • Bunnings, Be very polite to the staff in asking them where the required product might be - Please remember that the staff have the attitude that "they are doing you a favour and you need them, Not the other way. Note:be also prepared to be told that they don't carry that item - even though they do - Galv Clothesline wire is a good example
  • Kahma - Have the staff take you to the section where the product might be and wait until they try their hardest to find it.
  • Bunnings - Listen very carefully to the staff's direction to where the item might be, as the chances are they will not take to the area, (they will still stay in the same position talking to the other sales staff)
The Purchase Of Large or Heavy Items:

Bunnings - Phone the store and advise them what you will purchase, get put on hold for 5 minutes + and then hangup. Upon arrival to the store, ask the staff where such item will be and watch them scatter - In my case, heavy kitchen unit flat packs. Load the heavy items on trolley that has it's on plan to go in a different direction - Proceed to the sales counter to get looked up and down by a young "upstart with attitude" teenage female staffer who does not even grunt to acknowledge you.

Karmah - Phone the store and advise them what you will purchase - In my case 20 only 6ft timber Lattice Frames. Accept the offer from the very polite staff that they can load the product in one of their vehicles - ready for you to take back home. Arrive at the store in about an hour and yes the company ute is loaded ready for you to drive away.

Product Knowledge:
  • Bunnings -  Most of the staff think they know what they are being asked but most of the time it's an act. If they get confused or don't know, you will be advised to wait for "The Tradesman" to help you
  • Kahma: Most of the staff don't know what they are asked about and seek information from the product or from a 'Store Specialist' If all else fails, they will apologize profusely.
  • Bunnings -  Very good range, (Compared to Karmah) with a few locally made products + many Products made in China that are poor quality
  • Kahma - Not so good range of Hardware items - Many Japanese products and Chinese products that are of reasonable quality. For those wanting to buy paint, it  is sold by weight - HUH - I thought you work out how paint you need by measuring the area you wish to paint - You DON'T weigh the area! 
  • Bunnings: They can charge what they want as they mostly control the hardware/homeimprovement sector
  • Kahma - Very price compeditive with  real specials - this is due to having serious opposition who are  "Jumbo Encho" and "Cainz" Home Improvement warehouses
But Visiting them is another story..........

But What Do I Know, I'm Only A Gaijin

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