China seeks big earthquake payment - Hmmm, is this right?

Beijing has asked New Zealand yesterday to pay extra compensation to the chinese parents who lost their children in the earthquake!
Cheng Lei, from the Chinese embassy  in Wellington, told Radio New Zealand that the one-child policy means that the Chinese parents whose children died in the quake had not only lost a loved one, but also "lost the major source of economic assistance after retirement"

Under New Zealand law, families of disaster victims, regardless of nationality, receive payments from a government fund called the Accident Compensation Commission.

Cheng also said many Chinese families believe the standard payment is not enough "to lead a sound or serene life"
Source: AFP-JIJI


  1. Would or has the Chinese paid any form of compensation to families of foreigners that have been killed in previous catastrophes? - I doubt it?
  2. I'm no physiologist, but how would an extra payment of money  lead "to a sound or serene life" ? - No amount of money can replace a "Loved One"
  3. Does all or most Chinese children fund their parents retirement? - I doubt it, especially in these days.
  4. Is it part of Chinese bereavement is to make such a request so quickly? 
  5. Does the "One Child Policy" have any relevance, if so maybe they should be paid more compensation?

But What Do I Know, I'm Only A Gaijin ....

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  1. The Chinese are a bunch of greedy little twerps

  2. Reply to the Anonymous comment, 16 March, 12.48

    Are they greedy? or Are they just trying to bullying the NZ Government - like they have done to the USA, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Australia - the list goes on. Mind you, if you are all the above nations their No 1 customers, maybe they can be the worlds new Bullies?

    Also, is it not a natural human trait - When you have real power and dominance over others, you use it!