Nuclear Plant Technicans s Risk Their Lives - SHAME ON YOU NHK TV!

 Apparently it's been a well known fact that NHK controls and censors about 80% of all TV media content

 Well if you watch this the below story, it proves that NHK does not properly inform viewers of what is really happening.

After viewing the story, have the thought of how would you feel if you were related to one of the 50 hero's that have AND still are putting their lives on the line.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but to date, NHK have not reported any information that is in this report.


And to think that NHK asks everyone for about $150.00 per year for a TV reception license - Guess what I'm going to tell the representative when he or she knocks on the door asking for more money?

To finish on a positive note - Hey, how about those workers?

Please advise all the ways we can make these 50 worjers famous please!

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