Tepco Faked Fukushima Nuclear Plant Repairs - This could be serious Sh*t!

Days before the earthquake and tsunami knocked out power at the Fukushima plant, it's operator admiited faking repairs records.
This revelation raises fresh questions about Tokyo Electric Power Co's scandal tainted past and that the government regulation of the industry is soft.
Tepco submitted a report about the No 1 plant to the Japan's nuclear watchdog 10 days before the quake hit, admitting they failed to inspect 33 pieces of equipment in it's six reactors.
A power board that distributes electricity to temperature control valves at one reactor was not checked for 11 years, and inspectors faked records by pretending to make thorough inspections, when in fact they were only cursory ones, Tepco said.
 They also said that the inspections-which are voluntary, did not cover devices related to the cooling systems, including water pump motors and diesel generators.

The Safety agency ordered Tepco to draw up a corrective plan by June 2, but on march 11 the earthquake knocked out the back-up generators connected to the plants cooling system.
The generators are supposed to keep the fuel rods from over heating and releasing radiation when mains power balks.

A nuclear official, who declined to be named said: "We can't say that the lapses listed in the Feb 28 report did not have an influence on the chain of events leading to the crisis"

Furthermore, in 2002,Tepco admitted to falsifying safety reports that lead to all 17 of it's boiling-water reactors shutting down.

And in an eerily familiar event, a 2007 earthquake paralyzed Tepco's Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear plant - the world's biggest - And more radiation leaked than Tepco initially acknowledged.

"People don't trust Tepco, they don't expect them to tell the truth" said Peter White of
CNIC : http://www.cnic.jp/english/   The problem is one of a culture of denial - denial that this could occur. Denial that Japan could be subject to a big quake and the scale of the tsunami wave could come"

Source: J/Times

Comment: Isn't amazing, companies like Tepco have money saving practices which compromise safety. Yet by doing this, in the long run, it can cost many lives, cost a lot of more money to fix and wiped $24 billion off the value of the company. 

If all the accusations are true, the pricks from the board of directors down to all levels of management that made safety decisions should be sacked and charged for criminal negligence - but before imprisonment, they should be paraded outside and infront of the companies lush corporate office for the public to question them, abuse them and maybe be even allowed to throw stones at them!

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