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 Went to Karmah today, impressed with the great wall of washing powder and all the toilet paper on sale, but not impressed with the staff's product knowledge and application. It seems the system is:
  1. Press the Help button at the end of the isles
  2. A staff member or two comes running to you, presses the Help button again to cancel alarm
  3. They introduce themselves then take you to where the products might be.
  4. The staff read the instructions of some related products in hope to find the right one for you.
  5. Apologise profusely if they can't help
Summary, 10 out 10 for customer service, 3/10 for product knowledge - I wonder why doesn't management get the some of the product suppliers to help train the staff with product knowledge?

Also, apparently, the staff only get paid about 900 yen an hour and can only work a max of 5 hours at a time to prevent 'Burn Out' (probably from running around looking after customers that also don't have a clue what they want)

For those in the KNOW, please advise where I can purchase some Mineral Turpentine, Methylated Spirits and / or Shellite AND a normal type Wood Saw!

But What Do I Know, I'm Only A Gaijin

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