Chinese officials have laughed off Australia's concerns about its human rights record

Chinese officials have laughed off Australia's concerns about its human rights record, instead questioning Australia's own performance regarding asylum seekers, US diplomatic cables reveal.
Provided to Fairfax newspapers by WikiLeaks, the confidential cables between Australian and American diplomats reveal China's denial of rights abuses.

Australia's ambassador in Beijing, Geoff Raby, said China had aggressively resisted discussion about rights abuses in Tibet, Fairfax reported.

China's Assistant Foreign Minister He Yafei expressed strong dissatisfaction with former Prime Minister John Howard's 2007 meeting with the Dalai Lama, the cables reveal.
 Australian diplomats said Chinese officials would "employ the `you-don't-understand-China' laugh and dismiss Australian information as inaccurate" and "frequently try to run down the clock with long monologues".

The Chinese instead questioned Australia about its own human rights record, asking about the mishandling of terrorism allegations against Indian doctor Mohammed Haneef, the treatment of asylum seekers and the Northern Territory intervention. Yes, but at least the Australian Police do not commit the following:
The Female Falun Gong Practitioner was beaten and Raped by Chinese Police 
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