Gov't decides it's TOO HARD to adopt daylight saving time due to costs, confusion

 Source: Kyodo
The government has decided not to introduce daylight saving time as a way to address the expected electricity shortage this summer, amid worries about the huge costs involved and social confusion, sources close to the matter said Tuesday.  Yeah, the real reason is political - They don't want to rock the already leaking boat they are now in. They have got feedback that Old Ma & Pa Kettle, (about 45% of the population won't like changing their 20 year Seiko wall clocks.

Like the governement, they HATE change. Unbelievable!

The sources said, however, the government is now seeing the plan as unrealistic because it will cost a huge amount of money to set clocks ahead for all computers and production machinery in Japan, and could create confusion in society.  Most countries in the world can do it, but Japan can't, BULLSHIT!

This is the problem, the pollies are just mainly interested in keeping their "well paid cosy jobs" and are not really interested in wanting to be leaders - SOFT COCKS! 

However, I bet Ozawa would do it!

Instead, the government will continue to urge Japanese companies to take necessary steps on their own.

Among manufacturers, Panasonic Corp and Sony Corp are considering having business hours start earlier than usual to limit electricity consumption in the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.
During a press conference on Tuesday, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano responded negatively about the introduction of summertime working hours, and said, ‘‘It is realistic for each company and industry to discuss it and come up with ways that will have little impact on their business.’’

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