Consumers warned of health risk from counterfeit goods - Mostly coming fron China, (funny that)

IT'S been revealed that consumers are at risk of serious injury and death from poorly-manufactured counterfeit goods flooding out of China and other Asian countries. 
Australian Fairfax newspapers say these include exploding mobile phone batteries, chemicals in soap that can burn a child's skin and hair straighteners that can deliver a deadly electric shock.

Authorities say the growing black market in counterfeit goods no longer includes only luxury items such as brand-name handbags, perfumes, sunglasses and designer clothing sold at the local market or discount store.

To fund other crimes, from heroin to human trafficking, international networks are selling fake consumer items including laundry powder, toothbrushes, nappies, soap, razor blades, motor vehicle parts, mobile phones, toys, tobacco, cosmetics, alcohol and electrical goods.

Figures from Customs show 80 per cent of the fake goods come from China. India supplies six per cent and South Korea five per cent.

Federal police say fake personal care products and food items can contain unknown or banned chemicals and are often made in unsanitary conditions.

Source: AAP

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