Weird food offered at Service Stations and Parking Areas In Japan

Whenever you are out for a drive and you feel the need for a snack, there are always service stations and Parking Areas nearby. And some of them have some pretty weird delicacies on sale.

What are some of the weirdest? Website asked 1,00 or so readers in one of their surveys. Here are some of their answers:

  1. Octopus cabbage burger, Akashi Service Area
  2. Cream stew-filled steamed bun, Hirugano Kogen Service Area
  3. Cactus ice cream, Moriyama Parking Area
  4. Maiko hamburger, Katsuragawa Parking Area
    Unshu mikan (mandarin/satsuma) bread, Nihonzaka Parking Area
  5. Crocodile set lunch, Hongo Parking Area
  6. Gabai!!, double Turkish rice burger, Kawanobori Service Area
  7. Conger eel burger, Miyajima Service Area
  8. Karinto manju (dough cake/bean paste bun hybrid), Dangozaka Service Area
  9. Sasakama (bamboo leaf-shaped fish cake) fondue, Ohiso Parking Area
  10. Sakura ebi (small pink prawn) ice cream, Yui Parking Area
  11. Uki (warm) sushi, Kibi Service Area
  12. Saigo Don, Sakurajima Service Area
  13. Fried breaded pork with grapefruit set, Kita Kumamoto Service Area; Tosa ishin (Tosa restoration) burger, Nangoku Service Area
  14. Peanut ramen, Ichihara Service Area
  15. Exclusive Hotoman, (bun filled with local delicacy hoto), Dangozaka Service Area
  16. Aka oni (Red devil) chili-flavoured soft ice cream, Kibi Service Area
  17. Oyster balls and tiny sardine burger set, Asa Service Area
  18. Weiner sausage rice bowl, Tanigawadake Service Area
So there you have it. Bon appetit.

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