It's only In Japan....Lets make and do things opposite - Just be be different!

Yes light switches move sideways!

Traffic Lights - Show a constant Red Light with Green Arrows to go straight ahead and/or turn right OR JUST have a green light with no arrows to be able to turn right - YES, Like many other things here, IT HAS TO BE COMPLICATED!

AND Like many other things, I reckon the Japanese designed and "do things different ON PURPOSE.

I reckon Many Years ago, like when when light switches were made here in Japan, the government, authorities first checked what the rest of the world use, do and/or have designed.

Then they discovered that all move up or down - They instantly thought " We are Japanese, we must be different, ( based on Ego and race superiority) so lets make our system and items different!

The result - While the rest of the world have light switches that move up and down - We will design them to move sideways!

Another Classic example - The Emergency Phone number is 119  Opposite of 911

More of these examples to Come!

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