North Korea Diplomat to Visit New York - To have a Chat! - The 'Bullshit MerryGoAround' starts again

The U.S. and North Korea are to begin "exploratory" talks in an effort to resume denuclearization negotiations.

A top North Korean diplomat will visit New York this week following a first round of negotiation talks between North Korea and the Republic of Korea.

The two sides agreed to resume the six-party talks, a major development since North Korea refused to join a multinational nuclear disarmament initiative in 2008.

"This will be an exploratory meeting to determine if North Korea is prepared to affirm its obligations under international and Six Party Talk commitments, as well as take concrete and irreversible steps toward denuclearization," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a statement.

"We are open to talks with North Korea, but we do not intend to reward the North just for returning to the table." said Clinton. The six-party talks include the two Koreas, the United States, China, Japan and Russia.

Why the Nth Koreans Gov be honest for once and really state what their plan is: We are running out food to feed the nation again, therefore we will start talks about denuclearization - then we will make lots of promises to do so, UNTIL food aid arrives. Once that has happened, we completely change our minds, NOT make any steps for denuclearization, keep the food and then finish off with attacking South Korea and/or threaten other neighboring countries - AINT THIS THE TRUTH!

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