Chinese Authorities shown to organize the harvest organs of live prisoners

Just when you thought that the Chinese Authorities have stooped to be lower than a snakes ass by selling body parts of executed prisoners - see this link:

No !

They have now shown that they can even go lower by "harvesting" human body organs from LIVE PRISONERS!

Managed by the Chinese Arm Forces together with the "Health Care System"

Once a prisoner is declared a "Enemy of the State" their bodies are considered as "Industrial Materials"

AND while these atrocities are happening all  our governments are too scared to say even say a bad word about China, yet alone formally protest.

And too make matter worse, WE, the rest of world keep buying Chinese made products - some even made by the prison victims,

Without a blink of and eye or with any conscience!

Anyway, please watch the following YouTube story, and even if you only have a little guilt about supporting the Chinese Government, please forward it to as many people as possible!

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