National Geographic-Under Pressure From China For Wiping Tibet Off The Map–HOW TO VOICE YOUR PROTEST!

Do you want to help putting Tibet back on the world map, minus China’s poisonous distortions?

If you agree please help us by emailing National Geographic and asking them to restore Tibet and authentic Tibetan place names on its maps and atlases.

Please contact them and voice your protest here:

Please also consider not to support them financially – Don’t purchase any products and magazine subscriptions!

If you want to copy & paste this formal protest the following wordage, be my guest:

To Whom It May Concern that Wants to Correct a Very Important Geographical Mistake

I formally request National Geographic to urgently reassess its current presentation of place-names in Tibet and revert to a more neutral, politically balanced Romanized Tibetan version, rather than the politically motivated Chinese versions, which of course are the fabrication of China’s regime.

As NG places such importance on balance and objectivity and strives to avoid political bias, surely Romanized Tibetan place names are less controversial and also more accurate in terms of the cultural, ethnological and historic reality of towns and villages in Tibet.

For more information on the subject – About your wrong doing, please visit:

With Possible Future Respect,


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