'Japan Today'-Are they now a proven member of the 'Censored Media Club Of Japan'?

A special thanks to Japan Today for showing their membership colors by removing my comment about Uniqlo's use of toxic chemicals in the manufacture of their clothes-see:

The Raw Story: http://bit.ly/rgwgQm

Their excuse was that my comment was "Off  Topic" although the  news story, (probably just an advertisment dressed up as one) that I commented on was about Uniqlo and the company opening up more stores.

So does this mean than readers can only comment about the subject of opening more stores, and if so, why is did they allow other unrelated comments such as accusing Uniqlo of making their garments in North Korea and then sent to China.


Why may you ask?  Well guess what, the above mentioned comment was made by a Japanese reader - Therefore, should I put yet another big black mark up on the Discrimination Wall"?


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