Japan - Another example of doing the opposite and being complicated!

Imagine all those over paid 'Lawmakers & the 100's of un-necessary public servants discussing the introduction of traffic lights all those years ago - And probably took them years to come to a decision:

Q. "In relation to the display design, what does the rest of world have?"

A. "They mostly have vertical traffic lights positioned at the side of the street entrances, so large vehicles don't block other motorists views and some lights overhead in the middle of the road, so drivers can see them from a distance. The color sequence is  - from left to right, the red is first, then amber and then green showing on the right. Busy intersections traffic lights display green arrows for motorists to safely turn left, right or do a U turn"

Decision: "Right, lets design them completely opposite - just to show the world that we are different"

"Also lets also JUST display a green light for turning right OR going straight ahead to confuse them, AND /  OR have a green arrow JUST for going straight ahead!"

"In doing that way, the motorists will have risk their own safety in trying to guess whether if it's safe turning right or not. Lets NOT make it simple by displaying a green arrow showing is is safe to turn right"

Why is it so complicated?

Maybe it's because keeps some of the millions public servants employed - That might NOT needed.....

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