Japan - Get your daily dose of vegetables with cabbage wine....

Get your daily dose of vegetables with cabbage wine from Yamanashi

Yamanashi Prefecture is known as Japan’s wine country. Within it, Narusawa Town at the base of Mt Fuji is famous for its abundant growth of cabbages. So, doesn’t it just make sense that the people of Narusawa would decide to make alcohol from their staple crop? Read on to discover more about the history and flavor of this rare brand of cabbage wine.

Cabbage wine has been on sale in Narusawa Town for roughly 20 to 30 years. It was developed during a time of abundant harvest, when the price of cabbages plummeted, and excess produce was piling up. Rather than dispose of so many of the vegetables, developers drew inspiration from their surroundings and decided to brew the leafy vegetable into wine, which could then be sold year-round.

In order to properly ferment, cabbage wine is made from only 60% cabbages and 40% grapes. The fruit is necessary, because cabbage alone doesn’t have enough sugar content to get the job done. The result is a wine that’s deep yellow in color and has a very strong scent of alcohol. In actuality, the alcohol content is less than 13%, similar to most other wines on the market–a fact reflected in the flavor. We’re told that the taste is somewhat sweet, with a mild touch of alcohol, and a noticeable hint of grassy cabbage, which makes the wine unique.

Cabbage wine is only being sold at two locations: JA Narsawamura and its closest highway rest stop. Although the brand is certainly beyond its sales peak, those in charge have no intention to stop production, so if you’re ever in the area, be sure to keep an eye out for this especially rare wine which sells for 1,300 yen a bottle. 

Source: Excite News

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