Japan - Tax official questioned for posting message asking to be groped on train


Police have questioned a taxation official who allegedly posted a message online pretending to be a woman asking to be groped on a train, a report said Saturday.

The message came to light after another man, 26, who was arrested after allegedly molesting a woman in April, told police he had only acted after seeing the invitation, the Yomiuri Shimbun daily said.

The second man told police he had seen the message, apparently from a woman soliciting somebody to grope her on a train in western Wakayama Prefecture, detailing on which train she could be found and when.

Police then discovered the message was not posted by the victim but said it was allegedly put online by the 49-year-old taxation official, the report said.

The official was questioned and released in May, the report said.

Local police declined to confirm the details.

Source: AFP

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