Japan - Tepco Press Release Complains of Press Coverage on Fukushima Clean Up

While the bulletin does not come straight out and say, ‘please no filming while we try to clean up one of the biggest messes in human history,’ it may as well have. Tepco’s press release issued just this past week asks for media members to ‘refrain from taking pictures and videos’ under the premise of protecting the security of the guards and the transportation of a spent fuel pool at the Daiichi Unit 4 site.

This is likely just the furtherance of a full-size cover up being perpetrated by numerous government officials in Japan, and now even doctors that are trying to white wash the red-hot stinking mess that has become Fukushima. Forbidding the publishing of reports which detail radiation poisoning that has caused serious human health deterioration is now the model for disclosing the Fukushima aftermath. Patients who seek treatment are not being told that their ailments are caused by radiation exposure.

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