Japan - Welcome to the World of Cat Sushi!

There’s a new breed of sushi in town, and it’s called nekozushi (cat sushi). These unusual creatures live in an alternate reality, travelling between worlds on colourful sushi train plates, stopping to stare at passers-by for just long enough to get them thinking, “Did I really see that?” before zooming off again. Rare sightings have been reported over the years but no-one’s ever been able to really prove the existence of a sushi cat. Until now.

 Booming in popularity both here in Japan and abroad, these surreal characters are the brainchildren of Tange and Nakimushi Peanuts, who manage their little critters on the Internet site Nyāta. Although the felines look as if they’ve been unwittingly lassoed onto beds of sushi with seaweed straps, we’ve been assured that no animals were harmed during the process.

Nekozushi are known to quickly win people over with their imploring expressions. If you’re under their spell already, then it may be worth downloading their free (and very popular) iPhone/Android Application. Or stop by for a souvenir postcard or portrait. Step into the world of cat sushi for a while and see how you like it!

Source: rocketnews24.com

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