Product Review - Hitachi Product: MRO-GS8 Oven/Grill/Microwave - Fail!

Hitachi Product: MRO-GS8 Oven/Grill/Microwave -
  • You need a pilots license to use it. The Manual is 50 pages
  • It takes a min of 20 mins to reach 190 degrees - Not looking forward to the next power bill!
  • Open the door just a few seconds before programmed heat temperature - it drops 50 degrees, even though buggar all heat was lost by opening the door.  
  • It will not cook food over 210 degrees for more than 5 minutes - Forget about cooking pizza
  • Different trays have to be used for oven, grill and microwave use.
  • Only small items can be grilled - Tried cooking a small flounder - forget it
  • Once the correct temperature is attained, the door must be opened to enable it to start
  • The unit constantly smells of burning plastic - Hitachi customer service response was - "If smells like that, the unit would not be working - Duhhh!

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