Sino-Japanese War To Break Out In January? (Video)

The Sunday Mainichi ran an article entitled Sino-Japanese war to break out in January, which speculated that a worsening Chinese economy and a real estate crash may provoke Beijing to stage an incident “accidentally on purpose,” which could take the form of a civilian airliner being forced to land and the passengers held hostage.
Another scenario revolves around China targeting oil supertankers bound for Japan. “If China were to target them, nothing could be worse to contemplate,” wrote author author Osamu Eya.

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Shukan Gendai, a weekly magazine sold by the largest publishing house in Japan, even speculated that Chinese President Xi Jinping could order the shoot down of a Japanese civilian airliner, prompting a response from the United States that could lead to a fighter jet battle. All of these hostilities stem from the 2nd Sino-Japanese war that was part of world war 2 . In that war the Japanese and Chinese both lost over 1 million dead each, not including civilians. Horrific casualty numbers. The Japanese committed terrible atrocities against the Chinese most notably what would be called “the rape of Nanking“, in 4 days which it will be the 76th anniversary of. Maybe something big will happen then? The looming conflict is getting closer as China becomes more provocative. Somethingis bound to happen. South Koreaand by default North Korea are the wold cards and could easily get sucked into it as could the others (Philippines,Vietnam, etc.)


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