Japan - Meals of epic proportions are sure to satisfy you.... Food Porn? With Complimentary Cigarettes...


A word of caution: you probably don’t want to be reading this on an empty stomach. We can almost guarantee that will lead to some very bad dining decisions.

So, go ahead and fill yourself up on a nice, healthy salad with some light dressing. We’ll wait.

All set? Good. Because we’re about to present to you some of the most epic food porn you’ll ever see coming out of Japan, where the stereotype has always been tiny, unsatisfying portions of delicately flavored dishes and subtle seasonings. And for those reading from within Japan and rather enjoying the unexpected weight loss after adopting the local cuisine, we’re very sorry for alerting you to the existence of these dishes:

 ▼ This totally epic meal set consists of two cuts of deep-fried pork, something like a kilogram of rice, and, since you’re putting your life in immediate danger even looking at this thing, you might as well enjoy one of those complimentary cigarettes, too.

 ▼ You know you’re in for a challenge when the restaurant serves you the ramen noodles
meal in a literal bucket.


▼ This is the Super Big Katsu Curry. You know you can’t resist it.

 ▼ Japan apparently never got the memo that more than four beef patties is just too much.


▼Finish off with dessert: 


 Source: Himajin Sokuhou

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