Japan; Tokyo - Cop busted for running Chinese Hooker Club

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TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Thursday arrested an assistant inspector and his wife for the operation of a prostitution club in Ota Ward, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Feb. 1).

Officers from the peace preservation division of the Omori Police Station took Tomohiko Kakizoe, 45, a member of the anti-organized crime division of Manseibashi Police Station, and his 35-year-old wife into custody for the alleged management of a massage parlor staffed with Chinese masseuses that provided sexual services inside private rooms — a violation of the Anti-Prostitution Law.

Both suspects have reportedly denied the allegations. “I know that prostitution took place at the club, but I was not involved in the management,” the suspect is quoted by investigators.

Kakizoe’s wife established the club in February of last year. A photograph implicating Kakizoe in the operation surfaced in May.

The assistant inspector was in possession of a pass key to the club, and investigators believe that he received a part of the proceeds from the operation.

The suspects became acquainted several years ago. Investigators are now attempting to determine whether the assistant inspector was leaking sensitive information regarding potential police raids to his wife.

A veteran investigator of drug trafficking and organized crime, Kakizoe joined the force in 1987. He transferred to the Manseibashi Police Station in June of 2010.

Regarding the arrest, Katsushi Ikeda, a representative for the metropolitan police told the Nikkei Shimbun (Jan. 31) that it is an outrageous act that is extremely regrettable. “From now, a thorough investigation will commence, and the matter will be dealt with in a strict manner,” the representative said.

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