China - Security camera catches a man trying to murder his girlfriend by shoving her down a manhole... (Video)

CCTV security camera in Haikou, China captured what looks like a man shoving a woman down a manhole then covering up the spot with cardboard. The incident happened in mid-December but the video is making its way around the Internet right now.

The pair reportedly had a relationship and the man owed her $20,000.

The woman was rescued 60 hours later when she was heard crying for help. The manhole was three meters deep, according to TomoNews. The woman tried to make a ladder out of clothes but it didn’t work.

“I did not sleep at all the first night I fell in the manhole,” the woman, Guo, was quoted as saying. “I could see the darkness around me.

I thought that I would not be choked to death if I looked up.”

Here’s the video of what appears to be attempted murder and of the rescue.

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