Japan - Tiny 660cc Suzuki scores one for the little guys by pulling huge big truck out of the snow (Video)

This is a video of a heroic Suzuki saving a truck stranded in the snowstorm that hit the Tokyo area last week.

Snow fell nonstop on February 14, leaving some parts of Tokyo covered in 27 centimeters (10.6 inches) of the stuff. One man who was making his way through the city peered down from the pedestrian overpass he was crossing and spied a big truck stuck in the snow, its tires unable to find the traction needed to pull it out of the slush.

Fortunately, another motorist was on the scene to help. We doubt he inspired that much confidence though, considering his ride–a tiny 660cc "kei" from Suzuki called the Jimny.

 On paper, Suzuki’s cute-ute definitely leans more towards the cute side of the equation, with a tiny 659-cc motor spitting out just 62 horsepower.

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