Japan - Zipper maker and British artist team up to create futuristic headwear (WTF!)

This unique piece of headgear is the Interlocking Headpiece, the latest creation from British designer Ana Rajcevic. The multi-sectioned unit’s components are held together by a series of zippers supplied by YKK.

The award-winning Rajcevic has an educational background in architecture, and her familiarity with structural integrity and non-cloth materials can be seen in her designs, often crafted from metals and plastics, that look like extensions of the skeletal system.

Japanese zipper manufacturer YKK occupies an enviable position. The company’s global market share is estimated at as high as 90 percent, and until technology finally akes good on Back to the Future II’s promise of self-attaching apparel, future demand for the company’s products is likely to remain strong.

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  1. Your own headline on a YKK press release, I take it?

    It would have been interesting to have had an article on the one bit of honest thought here, your "WTF".