Japanese chefs in U.S. plead guilty to serving whale meat

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Two Japanese chefs have pleaded guilty to serving whale meat at a Southern California restaurant that has since closed.

City News Service reports Kiyoshiro Yamamoto and Susumu Ueda entered pleas Monday to conspiracy and other charges involving meat from endangered sei whales. Each faces up to three years in federal prison, along with fines and community service.

Prosecutors say the chefs got the meat in 2009 from a fish importer in Gardena who wrote a false invoice describing it as fatty tuna.

The chefs served it as whale sushi to activists posing as customers at The Hump restaurant in Santa Monica.

The restaurant closed in 2010, but its parent company, Typhoon Restaurant Inc, still faces federal charges.

The importer pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge earlier.

Source: The Associated Press.

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  1. In 1967, during the Summer of Love in the Haight-Ashberry, whale meat is one of the things we used to serve at the Free Lunches, capitalized because it was a revolutionary doctrine at the time. (The right replied with gold cufflinks, TAANSTAFL, for "There Ain't Any Such Thing As A Free Lunch." This is rebutted by the existence of the good Universe: the whole thing is a free lunch.)

    To get an idea of how we got so profligate, and so irresponsible, about the whales, consider how bid they were: Emmet Grogan was around at the whaling company in Hayward one day when a lady came in with a bucket, asking if she could have some whale for her cat. The guy said Sure. Would a heart be OK. "Yes, that would be fine," she said, gesturing with her bucket. The guy smiled and told her to wait outside.

    Then he wheeled a whale heart out on a fork-lift.

    As with the elephants, it's difficult for the petty human mind to comprehend the harm that lil' ol' us can do to anything so huge.