South Korea - Victory and Gold Medal for Korean speed skater at Sochi Games triggers outrage......


The Olympic victory of a Korean speed skater competing for Russia has triggered outrage in South Korea, where the government Monday announced a comprehensive inquiry into the national skating body.

The website of the Korean Skating Union (KSU) crashed Sunday under the volume of furious messages blaming its officials for the “defection” of Ahn Hyun-Soo to the Russian team.

Ahn had become a sporting hero in South Korea after winning three golds at the 2006 Winter Games.

But beset by injury problems and after falling out with South Korean skating officials, he fast-tracked Russian citizenship in 2011, took the name Victor Ahn, and competed at Sochi as a Russian athlete.

His gold medal victory in the 1,000-meter short track on Saturday provoked a furious response in South Korea—but with the anger directed squarely at the country’s skating officials rather than at Ahn himself.

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