Thai Officials Sell Myanmar Refugees To Human Traffickers:

Reports have surfaced that Thailand immigration officials secretly supply Myanmar refugees to trafficking rings. Hundreds of men have been sold by Thai officials to human traffickers, also known as slavery, who apparently force them into brutal jungle camps. Thousands of Rohingya Muslims have been fleeing the country in order to try to escape religious persecution.

A recent investigation uncovered that there was an objective initiated with the goal of removing Rohingya refugees from various Thai immigration detention centers and then delivering them to numerous human traffickers who would be waiting at sea: “solving the immigration problem.

 The Refugees are commonly held in gulag-themed camps which are hidden near the border of Malaysia, and family members have the option of paying thousands of dollars in order to get them released. At least three camps have been located and it’s uncertain how many have lost their lives there.

Thai authorities brush off assertions that the movement of Rohingya Muslims through their country amounts to human trafficking. However, Thai Royal Police have acknowledge an “option two” policy which aims to use human-trafficking networks in order to get rid Thailand of Rohingya detain

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