AsahiKASEI サランラップ "Saranwrap" Plastic 50m ClingWrap Review - TOTAL FAILURE - Can not use!

Contributor: OZ3

As a practical male than can operate many tools - from just delicately repairing a bluetooth computer mouse to driving a D9 Bulldozer as couple of months back, and have even built houses, I thought how hard would it be to open and use a box of plastic food wrap?  Well for the first time in my 40 odd years of using this type of product it was F**king impossible!

  • As you will notice by the photo, the plastic wrap did not unroll as per the design.
  • Nor could the wrap be started again - carefully taken off the roll by hand after removing the it from the box. The plastic was bound far too tight to un-peel - it just kept on breaking quite easily!
  •  As you will notice in the second picture, the plastic does not stick to itself.
Summary: Being a 50 meter roll, the plastic is bound far too tight, therefore it will not peel off itself-  A total fail, and the box and the roll of plastic wrap was placed in the garbage bin! 

In Aussie terms... "It's JUST SHIT!"

Note: Luckily I had a 20 meter roll as backup and it unrolled perfectly, although like most of the clingwrap / plastic film in Japan, it still breaks easily!

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