Chinese official's 'mistress public plan to BRIBE wealthy politician for money backfires horribly...

Chinese official's 'mistress posts incriminating pictures online to force him to pay child support... but accidentally reveals she already has £3 million in the bank'

  • Chinese woman tries to bribe wealthy politician for more child support money
  • Alleged mistress claims to have illegitimate baby with the People's Congress Representative
  • Woman posts pictures of the two of them together
  • Accidentally uploads her bank account details with photos, showing a whopping £2.6 million
  • Deletes the pictures immediately after people begin questioning her on Facebook

A Chinese woman who tried to bribe a wealthy politician for more child support payments over their illegitimate daughter accidentally posted her bank account details online – revealing she had almost £3 million in the account already.

Li Shanshan claims she was forced to go public after Henan province People’s Congress Representative Luo Zhiyuan, from Henan, refused to honour his obligations to provide child support.

As proof of her claim, Ms Shanshan posted a ‘selfie’ lying next to the Chinese politician, as well as a picture of him holding the child.

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