In Vietnam, ‘they don’t shoot their workers’; in Cambodia, they do...

Prime Minister Hun Sen has said Cambodia’s garment workers are paid a fair wage, comparing the new monthly wage of $100 to Vietnam’s. He suggests the unions are too demanding and that investors will flee. However, a researcher points out Vietnam is in flux too.
“In Vietnam there have been all kinds of strikes over the past 10 years. Tens of thousands of workers have gone on strikes. It’s a very active worker community,” said labor researcher Dennis Arnold. Arnold has written several reports on the garment industry in Southeast Asia and recently advised a fact-finding mission looking into the deaths of four Cambodian garment workers, with an additional one missing and assumed dead and over 30 injured. The report, titled A Day that Shook Cambodia, found that Cambodia’s military provoked protestors and that some of the military did double duty by working for Yakjin Factory where the crackdown took place, in addition to their regular job.

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