Indonesia - Bali: Why you should take the destination off your bucket list....

Rubbish litters the beaches. Source: Huffington Post

THOUSANDS of Australians flock to Bali every year expecting to lie back and soak up the sun in a tropical paradise, but is this the reality that everyone experiences?

Frequent travellers and authors of the blog Changes In Longitude , Larissa and Michael Milne, said their time in Bali was less than idyllic. Here’s their story.

We’ve visited over 30 countries so far on our two-year around-the-world journey, but one place strikes the heart as the most romantic: Bali. Before we arrived we envisioned the Bali of glossy magazines and travel memoirs like Eat Pray Love; sylvan sandy beaches, lush landscapes and warm water that beckoned in the tropical sun.

But maybe we were imagining a Bali of long ago. We hadn’t anticipated the environmental disaster that Bali has become.

Bali is no longer a tropical paradise. Source: Huffington Post
The flight from Perth to Bali was full of Australian holiday makers; lured by cut-rate flights to a tropical destination where the booze is cheap and plentiful. Rather than limit the amount of people that can descend on this small island, Bali has expanded Denpasar International Airport to cram even more holiday revellers into the already tight space.

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Upon arrival we headed to the famed Kuta Beach for a quick dose of paradise; and that’s where the shocking truth of Bali hit us. The beach was littered with so many plastic trash containers that, in some places, they outnumbered the sand. The vibrant detergent, soda and beer containers formed a kaleidoscope of hues that seemed as if they were part of an avant garde art installation. It was not exactly the local colour we had come to experience

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