Japan - Fake brand-name goods confiscation at all time high; 90% originate in China Of Course....

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Last year, a record amount of fake brand-name goods were confiscated at customs offices throughout Japan, with around 90% originating from China.

According to the Ministry of Finance and the National Police Agency (NPA), the number of cases involving the confiscation of fake brand goods and merchandise totaled 28,135, a number both 5.7% higher than the previous year and the highest ever recorded. Of the total number of cases, 25,844, or about 91.9% of them were goods manufactured in China.

Sankei Shuimbun reported that of the various goods seized by customs officials, fake brand-name handbags, wallets and purses comprised about half of the merchandise. There were also a lot of smartphone cases sporting brand-name logos, and pirated copies of various exercise DVDs.

The ministry has released an official warning to consumers to be careful what they buy online.

Source: Japan Today

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