Japan - Large Burger Franchise promotes Chocolate & Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Burger! (FFS)

Hot on the heels of their unique french fries and chocolate sauce combination, fast food chain Lotteria has now come out with a burger with … yes, you guessed it — chocolate sauce!

For a limited time Lotteria is offering their “Chocolate & Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Burger”.

If you think the name sounds fancy, that may be because it actually is kind of a fancy burger, judging from the description provided in Lotteria’s press release. The burger features a thick piece of chicken thigh that is marinated in white wine, garlic and onions and then oven-cooked.

And the important honey mustard sauce is made from a mixture of whole-grain mustard and french mustard, to which honey and mayonnaise are added. To all this, you can add the chocolate sauce, which comes in a separate packet.

The chocolate used in the sauce is the milky and flavorful yet mild Ghana Milk Chocolate produced by Lotte, the popular snack maker belonging to the same corporate group as Lotteria.

Look what was really between the buns, sad hey?

Add the Sachet Chocolate Sauce....
There we have it after the first reluctant bite...

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