Japan - Loteria releases a 10-patty Titan burger and bucket of fries

TB 2

Yes Lotteria, the reigning king of crazy in the Japanese fast food industry, is back again, this time for a tie-up with the most popular anime in recent memory.

The Attack on Titan cheeseburger comes in three different sizes, featuring five, seven, or ten patties.

They’re officially referred to as five-meter, seven-meter, and ten-meter class, a reference to the measuring system for the anime’s Titans, although you could just as easily think of them as “large,” “almost certainly too large,” and “enough meat for a week.”

 The limited edition burger gets placed in a special paper sleeve with a profile illustration of the Colossal Titan. In keeping with the Titans’ characteristic mix of ferocity and oddly adorable awkwardness, the end result sort of makes it look like the otherwise intimidating giant is wearing a burger-shaped hat.
TB 3

All three Titan burgers are only available as part of a set, and oddly enough regardless of which size you order, the price is the same, 2,000 yen (US$19.60).

 TB 5

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