Japan - Man spends $140,000 a month on cosmetic surgery; Girls still aren’t impressed

Imagine spending vast sums of cash on plastic surgery in an effort to make yourself appear more attractive, only to be told by a host of female celebs on national television that they wouldn’t touch you with a barge pole. 

In classic Japanese variety show fashion, that’s precisely what TBS’s Watashi no Nani ga Ikenai no!? has in store for viewers next week, according to a recently released teaser trailer.

Naniike, as it’s known by TV lovers, isn’t actually due to air until 7 p.m. next Monday, and no doubt some of the female guests’ reactions to this young man’s heavily altered face are being exaggerated for entertainment’s sake, but already the scheduled broadcast is making waves online in Japan.

The man reportedly spent just over US$140,00 in a single month on cosmetic surgery to change his face from (what we think is) a perfectly normal one to one that’s, well, a bit creepy. Maybe it’s just the colour contacts and tinted eyelashes giving us the willies?

The thing is, the female tarento on the show seem to find his new face entirely unattractive, saying that there’s “no way” they’d go for him, and that he’s “not cool in the slightest”.

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