Japan - Yamato deliveryman kept 2,723 packages at home because he was 'too busy' to deliver them - A story with a happy ending,,,

Just think about how bowing apologies are going to be done to the customers by the poor new delivery drivers!


Yamato Transport said Monday that one of its deliverymen in Sapporo had kept 2,723 packages and other items at his home because he was too busy to deliver them.

According to Yamato Transport, the undelivered items had been sent from 463 branches all over Japan, and were supposed to be delivered by the Sawa branch in Sapporo from last April to January, Sports Nippon reported. The failure came to light when a company contacted Yamato to report that they hadn’t received a package as expected.

Yamato Transport has since fired the deliveryman who said he had another job and he got so busy that he couldn’t make all his deliveries for Yamato.

Yamato also apologized to all the senders and has finished delivering all the items. None were lost.

Source: JapanToday.com

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