Brazilian man has eye surgery to look Asian...

A Brazilian exchange student was so taken with the country he visited he has undergone 10 surgeries to look more Asian.

Does he look a young "Anonymous" or what?

The 25 year old man, now known as ‘Xiahn’, has undergone at least 10 surgeries to alter his Western looks.

Originally blue-eyed with blond hair, Xiahn became interested in having plastic surgery after spending time as an exchange student in Korea.

Along with spending $3100 on his eyes and other procedures, he’s also changed his hair colour, and eye colour with contact lenses.

Xiahn told The Korea Herald that “Koreans have many surgeries to modify the shape of their eyes and become more like Westerners,”

“It was easy to tell when one of them had done it, walking on the street wearing sunglasses and a surgical mask,” he said.

“I have no regrets, and I don’t intend to have any more procedures.”

A picture of Xiahn before he has the operations. 

 Asian look... Xiahn’s face has dramatically changed. Picture: Facebook/Xiahn Source: Facebook  
Asian look... Xiahn’s face has dramatically changed. Picture: 

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  1. Hmmm. I think he should have had some counselling before this, as he sounds like he was detached from his own identity. However, I s'pose if he feels this is more him and he's now happy?! At least he hasn't succumbed to the pressure of looking like the Westernised version of good looking (which is such a narrow minded margin) and done his own unique thing.