Just when you think that Chinese Government Workers cannot get anymore dishonest! This now happens...

While food safety problems are unfortunately common in China, one outraged Chinese netizen recently shared a new kind of trouble jeopardizing food: humans. The poor victim only wanted to send some snacks from Japan back to China, but when the package finally arrived, it was found to have been completely ransacked by someone on the way. Postal services and customs are our only way to transport items from one place to another without travelling, so when a breach of trust like this occurred, it led many Chinese netizens to ponder upon the meaning of civilization.

According to the enraged Weibo user, the package left Japan prim and proper on January 21. A picture was taken for the addressee for the sake of confirming that the package had been sent, but little did he/she know that the journey for this box was going to be a turbulent one.

When the box arrived on the other side of the ocean on February 2nd, it was torn and tattered. In fact, the journey from Japan to China was so rough that our little traveler here even lost one kilogram (2.2 pounds) along the way. Once the box was opened, it was clear why it had become so much lighter…

It looks like something gnawed on this box of chocolates! By something, we mean people…Customs claimed that they found the box suspicious, and hence had opened the box to check. It appears that some customes officers in China check for problematic items by eating them.

According to the victim, the post office denied consuming anything in the box, when led him/her to conclude that the Chinese customs staff must have been really hungry.

Nothing in the box was able to escape the ordeal. This pack of crackers was also tempered with.

In fact, whoever ate the crackers then kindly forwarded the empty plastic packaging. At least now we know there aren’t any hungry snack-consuming rats lurking around post offices in China.

Upon seeing these images, Chinese netizens began their usual rampage:

“This is what’s becoming of our 5,000 years of civilization.”
Indeed, this kind of behavior is simply unimaginable in our modern society. We hope whoever out there will learn to do their jobs properly. Let the rats be gone!

Sources/Images: rocketnews24.com/    ToyChan

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