Chinese truck driver hauling huge boat on highway attracts police, $32 fine and a lot of laughs..

When you don’t have access to the right equipment, sometimes you just have to get creative and find a way to get the job done. But a Chinese truck driver who was caughthauling a massive 30-meter-long (98 feet) boat that weighs 100 tons found out that you might want to stay off the highway, since police frown on endangering the lives of the rest of the driving public. 

The driver of the truck was hauling the gigantic boat, which was nearly twice the length of his truck when police stopped him in Anqing, about 530 kilometers (335 miles) west of Shanghai, on March 8. The police didn’t appreciate the trucker taking the dangerous load on the highway and gave him a RMB 200 (US$32) fine. The trucker was apparently heading to Shanghai, where we sincerely hope the city doesn’t have any highway eccentricities like Osaka.


As if that driver’s ambitious boat-hauling wasn’t enough, another Chinese trucker was caught in March of last year in the southeastern Chinese province of Jiangxi with an even more ridiculous-looking load. Somehow this driver of managed to strap a 35-meter-long (114-foot) boat to the top of his 6-meter-long truck. Unsurprisingly, police stopped the driver and put the kibbosh on the precarious balancing act.

▼ A boat being transported illegally on the highway or a see-saw for giants?


▼That poor, poor truck

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