Japan - Solar Plant Usage Sunlight Shared to Grow Fruit....

Tomatolandiwaki Co Ltd, an agricultural production corporation in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, realized the stable production of high-quality agricultural produce in glass green houses, incorporating cultivation technologies from the Netherlands, which is a leading agricultural country. 

The corporation produces 900t of fresh tomatoes, 30t of fresh figs, 20t of paprika and 20t of strawberries per year. It is focusing on developing its own distribution route, not relying solely on sales to the market, and roughly half of the products are currently sold through direct sales including over the Internet.

When you enter the glass greenhouse, you will see tomato plants lined up neatly at a uniform level (Fig. 2). The environment inside the greenhouse, including the temperature, humidity, solar radiation and CO2 concentration, is centrally controlled and automatically adjusted by a computer. Responding to an outbreak of pests causing damage to crops, agricultural chemicals are sprayed by a self-propelled robot.

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is used as a fuel for heating, and the exhaust gas generated by combustion of LPG is introduced to the greenhouse to utilize high concentration CO2contained in the exhaust gas to accelerate the growth of the crops.

In addition to the introduction of the advanced automation and technologies for the increase in the yield, the corporation also introduced the solar power sharing system in June 2012. Silicon crystal solar panels (18.375kW in total) were installed on seven sun tracking systems

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