Jetstar Airlines Quick Review - 2 Stars at most!

Train passengers arriving to the Narita terminal will now have to endure an up hill walk of 600 metres from terminal 2 with their luggage to get to terminal 3 OR try and get a shuttle bus that departs every 15 minutes.

The above photo was taken at Narita, Tokyo Airport - the long queue of people were the passengers waiting for hours to check in to travel to the Gold Coast on JQ 12

The queue length was about half the length of the terminal and was caused by not enough staff at the check in counters.

There was also another long queue for the Jetstar flight that was travelling to Cairns.

Then travellers were then confronted with the news that Jetstar has a new strict weight limit for carry on baggage on ONLY 7 kgs - Travellers that were over the weight allowance were charged AU$160.00

Needless to say, I like many other travellers I over heard say to each other - I will be looking to travel on another airline before choosing Jetstar!

Other Observations:
  • Only one check in staff member at the counter for 45 mins after opening.
  • Checking in early will result in that your checked in baggage will come out last!
  • Terminal 3 has very little passenger seating - some were just sitting on the floor.
  • There are  constant passenger queues for the toilets as there are less of them compared to the previous aircraft used - 330 Airbus
  • There is a loud tone/alarm that sounds every time a toilet becomes vacant or engaged - this is very annoying if you are trying to sleep during the 8 hour overnight flight!
  • No free bottled water
  • The food prices were very expensive. $5.00 for a tub of supermarket noodles that only cost 80 cents
  • The hot meals included in $25.00 package is tasteless and horrible - Note: Meals charges are NOT refundable, even when making a booking online.
  • The use of other media via the USB connection did not work.
  • The air-conditioning filter system blows dirty air in to the cabin - Say hello to the spread of virus and cold germs to all the passengers?

  • The window leaked water upon landing - the aircraft was a brand new Boeing 787-8
  • Customer Service via a claim form..... What customer service? Claims are responded via email with the message;"We have received your request and one of our dedicated analysts will contact you as soon as possible (within 15 business days)."
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